I’m currently focused on the roles of Production Designer, Art Director, Standby Art Director and Props Master in long and short-form projects. I have extensive on-set experience especially working with directors and DOPs facilitating in-camera special effects and continuity work. I arrive on set with a complete set of tools and can move in between various art department roles. I'm especially interested in independent, groundbreaking and Avant-Garde film but I also have an established track record in commercials. I live in Hackney, have UK citizenship, full driving license, tools, a van, and access to a fabrication/sculpture studio. I am a practicing artist and filmmaker who has worked and exhibited internationally living in London and New York.


specialty skills


Art direction experience for film and tv, standby art direction, props master experience, props assistant and set decorating experience, full knowledge of London prop houses, sourcing materials, set dressing, weathering and minor paint effects, experience of hanging art in museums and studio contexts, artist assisting, historical research skills, logistics, organization, teamwork and communication.


physical skills


Carpentry, welding, model making, casting (resin, clay, wax, concrete, rubber silicone etc), DSLR photography (including art photography), DSLR filming, photography lighting (flash and constant), writing assessments, condition reports and proposals.

computer literacy


SketchUp, Photoshop, Lightroom, Garageband, Logic X, Final Cut 7 & 10, Word, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, web-based apps (iCloud, Google Docs, Pinterest, Squarespace, WIX, etc.)


film awards- IMDB


Best Experimental Short - Director and Production Designer - White Light - New York Independent Film Festival, 2020

Best Avant Grade Film - Director and Production Designer, Crown Heights Film Festival, 2012




M.A. Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, 2001

B.A. Fine Art, Wimbledon Schools of Art, 1999

D.G. Dip Philosophy, Richmond College of Art, 2000


Member of BECTU the union of film and video professionals.











Digbyland Studios

67-69 Digby Rd.

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