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Nathan Stewart-Jarrett in Femme | Forthcoming feature | Dir. Sam Freeman and Ng Choon Ping


• Production Design including design work, logistics, organisation, research and innovative set design.

• Art Direction including supervising art direction experience.

• Standby art direction for film and tv.

• Props master experience, including high-end commercial work and in-camera special effects.

• Set dressing and buying experience, employing a broad knowledge of London prop houses.

• Historical research, including materials and architecture. 

• Scenic work, including weathering and minor paint effects.

Minor construction work, including building and repairing sets, flats, doors etc.

• Handling complex objects, materials and installations, including experience of hanging art in museums and galleries.



• Transport used for each job includes a short wheel-based panel van with props master, standby and construction tools. The van can also be used for medium-sized pick-ups and drop-offs, it’s parked overnight in a secure parking area for safe overnight storage of props.

• Carpentry, welding, model making, casting (resin, clay, wax, concrete, rubber silicone etc), DSLR photography (including art photography), DSLR filming, photography lighting (flash and constant), writing assessments, condition reports and proposals. I have access to a small fabrication studio for light fabrication work.



• On set apps and continuity photos via Vuze, Q-Take etc.

• Experience with phones, software and triggers for talent to text, call, email etc.

• Mac Software including SketchUp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, web-based apps (iCloud, Google Docs etc.)

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• Best Experimental Short - Director and Production Designer - White Light - New York Independent Film Festival, 2020

• Best Avant-Garde Film - Director and Production Designer, Crown Heights Film Festival, 2012

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